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If you need professional equipment and supplies to refurbish your vehicle, come to Iowa Automotive Machine & Supply Inc. in Sac City and speak to our auto part experts. We will help you find the items you need - we offer quality parts at fair prices.

Safety Equipment
Safety equipment is protective gear worn to minimize the exposure to workplace injuries and illness. Since most paints contain toxic chemicals and other heavy metals, you need to have safety equipment when painting. At Iowa Automotive Machine & Supply Inc., we offer the latest safety equipment to keep you safe when painting your car.

Welding Supplies
Welding is the fabrication and sculptural process that joins metal parts together. Welding is an integral part of most motor vehicle repair and refurbishing services. To get the right welding supplies and welding equipment, you need Iowa Automotive Machine & Supply Inc.. We offer high quality welders and welding supplies that promote efficiency and safety.

Frame Equipment
At Iowa Automotive Machine & Supply Inc., we have frame straightening equipment, frame measuring equipment, collision repair equipment, and collision equipment accessories. If your auto body shop needs frame equipment call us at 712-662-4738 today.

Sanders, etc.
Sanders are tools used to smooth surfaces (in preparation for painting work). The sanders, which are usually powered electrically or by compressed air, smooth surfaces by abrasion. To prepare a surface for painting you need to sand (smooth) it. At Iowa Automotive Machine & Supply Inc. in Sac City, IA 50583 we offer the best sanders in the industry. Call or visit our auto shop, for quality sanders.

Headlight and Tail Light Assemblies
The headlights and tail lights on your car help increase your visibility. Iowa Automotive Machine & Supply Inc. offers products for all domestic and import vehicles. Contact us at 712-662-4738 or visit Iowa Automotive Machine & Supply Inc. today for all your headlight and tail light assembly needs.